All in all, he does anything that is up to him to take care of everything by himself and counting on the most imporant thing, the public's support.

At the moment, Roo is working on his first album produced by himself as well as uploading stuff to YouTube such as music videos, tutorials, short films and Vlogs.

Looking for challenges and ways to improve, it was in 2014 that he decided to take his "Do It Yourself" philosophy to the stage and play songs that would sound as if a whole band was playing thanks to the help of music technologies.
His first proyects were first published on YouTube where we can see him playing all kinds of instruments, doing various covers and playing his own songs. In addition, Roo records and edits all his videos , takes care of the photography, the graphic design, the web programmation, keeps up with his social networks daily...

Roo Ray
is an autodidactic musician who started his career playing guitar for different bands, but it wasn't until 2012 that he decided to start his path as a solo artist, taking care of the whole musical and artistic process all by himslef in an independent and autonomous way.